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Kataraina Koroheke Fine Art

'Magnificent' canvas print

'Magnificent' canvas print

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ADD A FRAME TO YOUR CANVAS PRINT? Only Available In Sizes: 100cm x 75cm

'Magnificent' is a canvas print of the original art piece painted by Kataraina Koroheke

The canvas is gallery-wrapped around a wooden frame and comes with string attached ready to hang.

✓ Comes Stretched Ready to Hang
✓ Aussie-Made
✓ Money-back Guarantee


In my mind's eye, a cobblestone pathway meanders through a enchanting scenery, the path guides you to a breathtaking bay, its aquamarine waters glistening and untouched. In the distance, a steep and dramatic cliff juts out into the horizon, adorned by a magnificent tree, its branches spreading wide and providing a comforting shade.

Find solace beneath the tree's embrace as you witness the magical spectacle of a sunset. The sky explodes with intense and vibrant colors, creating a mesmerizing display that captivates your senses. As you take in the beauty of the moment, a curious wombat leisurely explores the grass, adding to the serene ambiance. On a picket nearby, a majestic sea eagle gracefully perches,  Its keen eyes scan the surroundings becoming one with the tranquil scene. And in the distance, a pacific gull soars effortlessly on the gentle sea breeze, reflecting the freedom and harmony of the natural world.

I invite you to embrace the peacefulness and splendor of this idyllic setting.

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