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Kataraina Koroheke Fine Art

'Lil Flock Of Fluff' canvas Print

'Lil Flock Of Fluff' canvas Print

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'Lil Flock Of Fluff' is a canvas print of the original art piece painted by Kataraina Koroheke.

The canvas is gallery-wrapped around a wooden frame and comes with string attached ready to hang.

✓ Comes Stretched Ready to Hang
✓ Aussie-Made
✓ Money-back Guarantee


Meet Gerald and the chickens, a delightful group of fluffy creatures that bring joy to my life. It all began one evening when Terry and I decided to unwind at the Prince Of Whales Pub. As we were enjoying our beers out front, a farmer asked "Would you like a friend?" and pulled out from inside his ute a tiny two-day-old orphan lamb, Terry and I couldn't resist and brought the lamb home. Now, Gerald has grown into a spirited sheep loved by us and enjoyed by everyone who passes by, often seeing him happily grazing in the front yard.

Amongst our lovely group of chickens, we have Marmalade and Betty, two robust black Aracuna chooks, Vera the gentle white Sussex, Felicity the charming ginger Japanese frizzle, Rita and Bella, striking Hamburg chickens with black and white spots, and Penny, the cheeky Vorwerk German chook who loves hopping on Gerald's back and scratching around when I treat him to almonds. 

During breaks, Terry and I head outside with a cup of tea to spend time with the chickens and Gerald. They always entertain and delight us, from Gerald's playful bounces to his excited head shakes when we feed him a treat, or watch him peacefully grazing. or enjoying the funny behaviour of the chickens.

Spending time with Gerald and the chickens brings us a sense of enjoyment and peace.

Original retained in Kataraina's private collection

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