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Kataraina Koroheke Fine Art

'Beyond The Grave' canvas print

'Beyond The Grave' canvas print

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ADD A FRAME TO YOUR CANVAS PRINT? Only Available In Sizes: 100cm x 75cm

'Beyond The Grave' is a canvas print of the original art piece painted by Kataraina Koroheke.

The canvas is gallery-wrapped around a wooden frame and comes with string attached ready to hang.

✓ Comes Stretched Ready to Hang
✓ Aussie-Made
✓ Money-back Guarantee


Depicting the burial site of John Glover and his family at the Nile Chapel near Deddington, 15-minutes from Evandale, the place where I currently reside.

John Glover, a skilled landscape painter originally from England, achieved great success as an artist both in his home country and as a colonial artist in Australia. Glover joined his two sons in Van Diemen's Land on his 64th birthday in 1831 and earned the title of "The Father Of Australian Landscape" for his exceptional ability to capture the distinct Tasmanian climate in his paintings. Glover altered his typical European style of painting, in order to more accurately capture the intricate details of Tasmanian flora, plant life, and the atmospheric lighting of the landscape, this distinguished him from other artists during that time period. 

As a fellow landscape artist, I admire Glover's attention to detail in portraying flora, despite my own abstract style. I deeply appreciate the beauty of nature and strive to capture intricate details in my own work. Additionally, I find it intriguing how Glover incorporated Tasmanian Aboriginals into his paintings long after their genocide, Reimagining them amongst the pristine beauty of the land before European colonisation. His artwork serves to underscore the significance of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people and their cultural heritage.

‘Beyond The Grave' was initially painted for the 2024 Glover Art Prize Competition, drawing inspiration from a country drive to Deddington, not long after our move to Evandale. During this drive, we unexpectedly stumbled upon John Glover and his family's grave at the Nile Chapel. The surrounding trees, farm-scape, and the beautiful Nile Chapel that John Glover himself helped build captivated me. However, I couldn't help but notice that his grave seemed a bit neglected as it was overgrown with grass and weeds, I didn’t expect that many people came out to see where he is buried.

 Later on, while attending the 2023 John Glover Finalist Exhibition, I reflected back on my visit to Glover's grave site and decided to paint it. I felt compelled to bring people’s attention to the current state of Glover and his surroundings. It is a beautiful area where he is laid to rest, It felt appropriate to honour his artistic legacy and commemorate the 175th anniversary of his passing in this manner.

 As we returned to the Nile Chapel for reference photos, we brought Garald, my pet sheep along in the back of our jeep to visit other sheep farms on the way. Given that he was raised by Terry and me, I suspect he thinks he's human. When we got to the grave site, Gerald’s expressions seemed to convey, 'Why are we here? and please don't leave me here,' but he did an excellent job posing for a few photos.

Furthermore, I found myself intrigued by delving into the topic of death and the inevitability of mortality as a theme in my artwork. This exploration not only allowed me to explore my own fears of death but also enabled me to further recognise the eternal essence of nature. Nature persists in its cyclical patterns, with death being one of its natural transformative processes. Therefore, I wonder whether death truly signifies the ultimate termination of life. Rather, it might signify the culmination of our life as we understand it, although the precise implications of this remains a mystery.

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