Seduction Of Indulgence Original Painting

 Photo of 'Seduction Of Indulgence' original painting framed 

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'Seduction Of Indulgence' is an original artwork painted by Kataraina Koroheke.

Size: 111 x 86.5 cm

Medium: acrylic on canvas 

About Artwork:

Once upon a time I was aiming to live a healthier life and I found myself pondering how many things we compulsively consume which alter our mental & emotional states.
Our first addictive substances are introduced as children when we get the taste for lollies & "junk" food which are often used as a "reward" or a "treat" so we tend to associate this type of consumption with positive emotions along with the pleasurable taste sensation - From there we can struggle with ongoing substance abuse throughout our lives - where we over-indulge perhaps to compensate for other unmet needs
This painting "Seduction of Indulgence" is strongly influenced by Roald Dahl's "Charlie & the chocolate factory" a favorite story of mine.
The Candyman is a semblance of Marilyn Manson where I aim to depict a type of evil "Willy Wonka"- the green "bong hat" was inspired by "Dope hat" - Marilyn Manson's "Willy Wonka" themed music video - a song about the false lullaby of drugs and its dealers.
We all need a little sweetening however where do you stop?
Even a morning coffee is addictive - right?
People amuse themselves with many things - drugs - money - guns and power to self-indulge / self-medicate & escape harsh realities or otherwise as a way to alter or influence their inner and outer worlds.
Being visually impaired this painting was an exceptional challenge for me to achieve and with breaks took me almost 2 years.