My art now displayed at Iluka Tavern!

My art now displayed at Iluka Tavern!

Hi Everyone! 🙂
EXCITED to announce canvas prints of my art are now hanging at iluka tavern in Coles Bay.

Yesterday we hung them up with a gallery label where you can read about each one.

This wonderful news also means you can now view my canvas prints in person and buy them directly off the wall . . .

The labels have a QR code for you to enter my online art store and have one delivered directly to your door
[ Free delivery internationally ]

So, please treat yourself
and take a trip to the East Coast of Tassie.
Drop by iluka tavern ( Coles Bay )
** The best route is via Lake Leake road **

- have a drink or two, but be sure to book a table in advance and
have a meal in a beautiful location
and I hope you enjoy my art too 💜😊

Thanks for your time and attention

Warmest regards,

If you would like to buy my art to beautify your home with my unique artistic style.
Please click on this link

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