Original Painting 'The Spirit Of Tasmania'

Original Painting 'The Spirit Of Tasmania' Available 

The Spirit Of Tasmania, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
134cm x 94cm

Painting includes: Signed Certificate of Authenticity, invoice, insurance valuation, care instructions and copyright notice

Options to pay the painting off over a set time period is available, if you're interested we can further discuss this option  

Please feel welcome to contact me via chat inbox, email or my website contact for more details

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About Artwork 

Although I have never had the opportunity to experience a journey on 'The Spirit of Tasmania', living alongside the Mersey River has allowed me to witness the vibrant activities surrounding the ship.
Observing the ship navigate through the narrow river has always
been a captivating spectacle. As she straightens up and sounds her horn, the graceful departure of the ship down the river towards Melbourne is inspiring. During winter evenings, the ship's illuminated lights create a delightful visual display, adding vibrancy to the city of Devonport. The Spirit undoubtedly serves the state well, providing unforgettable experiences for people from all over the world. Traveling on the ship with one's own vehicle promises a more meaningful, enjoyable, and extended stay. Through this painting, I aim to pay homage to these treasured ships before they are replaced in 2024.